VASE is proud to announce the release of the Tonesetter 18 Guitar Amplifier. Over 18 months intensive research and development has produced what has to be the ultimate small format all valve powered guitar amplifier.

The Tonesetter 18 offers enormous tone options which are reproduced impeccably by the Celestion Greenback speaker.

The amplifier is available as both a combo and a stand-alone head with all the standard vinyl and grille cloth colour options on offer.

  • Valve Powered 18 Watts Output.
  • Dual Inputs for High and Low Sensitivity.
  • Separate Gain and Volume Controls.
  • Wide ranging Tone Contour Control.
  • Celestion Greenback Loudspeaker.
  • External Loudspeaker Cabinet Output Sockets.
  • Available in 230 VAC, 120 VAC and 100 VAC.
  • 4 Vinyl and 4 Grille Cloth Colour Options.
  • Fully handcrafted in Brisbane, Australia.

To place your order for the Tonesetter 18 Combo just click the button below.

  • Tim Gaze
    Gibson Les Paul

  • Paul Cheeseman
    Gibson 335

  • Butch Bellert
    Kinman Icon Telecaster

  • Dave Fitz-Herbert
    Fender Telecaster

During the final stages of the Tonesetter 18 development several of the VASE Tone Test Guitarists have been been at VASE Headquarters putting the amplifier through its paces.
The lights are on, mics positioned and cameras rolling so that you can catch them all on VASE TV !!

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June 2020

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Tonesetter 18 Heads and matching
1x 12" and 2x 12" loudspeaker cabinets are now in the final stages of development.